The "PresidentEvil" project was conceived as a unique blend of art, charity, and gameplay. The name of the project is a play on words, combining "president" and "evil", reflecting the main concept of the project - creating NFT with images of "evil" presidents.

The story begins in a parallel universe where the world's presidents have turned evil due to the influence of a mysterious force. This force transformed them into powerful beings who now fight for power in their world. Their images were captured and turned into NFT so that people in our world could see their true face.

But behind this evil lies good. The sale of these NFT not only allows people to become part of this unique universe but also helps fight real evil in our world - spinocerebellar ataxia (0.000025% of cases in the world). A portion of the proceeds from the sale of NFT goes to a charity fund that helps people suffering from this disease.

In addition, NFT owners become participants in the "PresidentEvil" tournament. In this tournament, presidents fight each other, and their owners have the opportunity to win prizes. This adds an element of gameplay and makes owning NFT even more interesting and exciting.
Moreover, the higher the frame of the NFT, the higher the win rate for the participant in the tournament. This adds another layer of strategy and competition to the project, making each NFT not just a piece of art, but a tool for victory.

Thus, "PresidentEvil" is not just an NFT project. It's a story about fighting evil, supporting those in need, and the opportunity to become part of a unique universe where everyone can own their evil president and participate in the fight for power.