"Confrontation NFT" is a game in which 1111 cards will collide in the greatest opposition.

The essence of the game:

A tournament table is created in which the players are randomly placed, pvp happens 1 vs 1.
A winning NFT goes further, a losing one is destroyed in the game.

The prize fund of 10.000$ will be divided among the players who took from 1-202th place.
1. 2.000$
2. 1.000$
3. 500$
4-10. 100$
11-50. 50$
51-202. 25$

How is PvP going?
The chance of winning depends on how much percent to win your NFT has. The higher the frame of your NFT, the more percent to win it has.
For example: NFT from frame 2 fights against NFT from frame 8. The first player has a 50% chance that the arrow in the roulette will point to "WIN", the second has 64%. If both players have arrows pointing to "WIN" or "LOSE", then the second round (replay) begins. The winner is the one who, unlike the opponent, will have "WIN".

Start of the game: The tournament will start after the sale of the collection.

1-100 NFT (iron frame): 50%
101-200 (bronze frame): 52%
201-300 (silver frame): 54%
301-400 (golden frame): 56%
401-500 (platinum frame): 58%
501-600 (tanzanite frame) : 60%
601-700 (sapphire frame): 62%
701-800 (ruby frame): 64%
801-900 (emerald frame): 66%
901-1000 (diamond frame): 68%
1001-1100 (solana frame): 70%
1101-1111 (VIP solana frame): 71-80%